Decorating Backyard for Fantastic Home design

By: mario On: 06:47
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  • Have narrow backyard? Make it as little garden, so you have a lot of advantage, and make your home comfortable. The first advantage is make sure that light enter your house easily, second, air circulation will better. Back and front aperture will guarantee cross ventilation happen.

    Garden in the backyard also can become running away area, moment to escape from day to day work. Garden backyard makes our privacy increasing, not like front garden. You can unify backyard garden with kitchen, so id there is a party, guest can take food I the kitchen, then walk to garden to enjoy both of garden and food.

    For example, below is picture of backyard garden:

    That garden above, garden backyard decorate with small pool made from natural stones. The pool not too deep, and decorating with water spraying. And there is path, seem like float on pool. Pool positioned higher than land surface. Overflow water patches water canals that surrounding the pool.

    Because there is space limitation, choose small plants. In this example garden, yellow clump plants (Neomarica Sp.) and Japanese grass. At corner of garden, Yang Liu plants planted. Yang Liu plants perfect for small garden because the physic feel light and waving. And finally, for pool resident, there is water plants.

    Luxury Residence Swimingpool Design in Austria

    By: mario On: 07:28
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  • Above the ground floor is cantilevered structure in which the bedrooms, while outside there is a swimming pool. I was impressed with what these people come up with, considering the scenery where it is located. The ground floor has 490 square meters and consists of several levels that change the entire living space, for more functionality. There is a fireplace, lounge and kitchen with dining area and breakfast terrace. All surfaces in wood and stone which gives a modern contemporary feeling. The Austrians were of the A1 Project, built a spacious terraced luxury residence in Klosterneuburg, close to Vienna, on the slopes overlooking the entire valley.

    Custom Luxury Garage

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    European Decorating living room Interior design

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  • European Decorating living room Interior design
    European Decorating living room Interior design
    European Decorating living room Interior designRoche-Bobois is a French furniture company that has just released its 2009 Spring-Summer collection of living room furniture which seems to lay heavy emphasis on the vivid colours that reflect the season.
    European Decorating living room Interior design
    Your living room will be a place for family or friends to sit and visit, so a special effort should be made to create a comfortable harmonious environment. A representation of your personal style and passions a living room should be both comfortable and functional. European – England, France and Italy are the countries typically referred as European decorating. If you want to decorate the living room in the classic French Country style, you can select furniture and wall décor that evoke feelings of relaxation and peacefulness.

    Europe Classic Interior Design

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  • Europe Classic Interior Design
    Europe Classic Interior Design
    Europe Classic Interior Design

    Space Saving Cookware

    By: mario On: 08:54
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  • I love anything that is space saving because I don’t have a very big house. The Europeans seem to know how make space saving everything. On the contrary, we Americans love everything big and supersized. I found these Cristel cookware from French. Everything look so compact and simple. Handles can be detached from pans to make storage easier.

    Trendy designer piece for your bathroom – Mrs. Hudson the giant smoking pipe!

    By: mario On: 08:51
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  • Another remarkable design for your loo. Maybe you are one of those people who like to entertain and will certainly need one of this loo for your visitors. They’ll be impress when they meet with Mrs. Hudson in your water closet, Yes indeed its name is Mrs. Hudson, it was designed by 2-B-2 Architecture and said to be inspired by a modified water drop. This design recently grab attention at the Russian bathroom design contest. Being a winner of a contest sponsored by Roca it sure must be good to use not just esthetically but functinally too.

    Well it does somewhat look more like giant smoking pipe than an modified water drop so I guess was right on the spot when mentioning about this.

    Water Closet Design

    By: mario On: 08:45
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  • Lavatory/Water Closet Comby

    By: mario On: 08:31
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  • Model LC840
    - Compact unit occupies only 40-inches of floor space
    - Sleek contemporary design
    - ADA-height compliant, fixed-position stainless steel water closet withstands up to 5,000 lb. static load
    - Extra deep Terreon® countertop available in 24 colors
    - Fold-down seat cover conceals water closet
    - Built-in bedpan washers and spray attachments
    - Stainless steel toe kick increases durability and water resistance
    - NEW - Terreon® solid surface and Terreon®RE recycled solid surface are now GREENGUARD Certified as low-emitting materials.