The concept of home interior luxury and standard

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  • The first thing to consider is the area of healthy housing, must meet at least basic human needs for healthy activity, in this case means can make fairly activity in the room, not too narrow or too large (Architecture Room). Of course, we still often hear many of our brothers who are less able to live in unsuitable conditions in homes that are very narrow because of economic factors are less supportive.
    Ifhome is planned to be added spaces with level , do not forget to strengthen the foundation and column structure to support built two levels . This is to avoid the additional cost of having to dismantle the existing construction.

    Arrangement of interior space design can affect our impression of these spaces. Adjacent bedroom with a bathroom will be different 'feel' when compared with the juxtaposed dining room. Spatial planning is smart in this case including how to have activities such as the bathroom does not interfere with the dining room, at least to be kept away.

    1. bedroom

      2. family room

    3. kitchen

    4. bathroom

    Arrangement of interior design should also be noted that there are no spaces that poor fresh air, dark, and so forth. Avoid corner spaces with a sharp angle because such space is not effective and not in accordance with the standards of furniture that is generally rectangular or round. Connect the ventilation and the windows of each room with a garden front, side or garden in the house for a change of air. Spaces that can be connected such as living room, family room and dining room are not necessary given the baffle wall so air can flow more freely.

    To maximize natural lighting, we should provide adequate windows, at least 5% of the size of the room. In addition, the space can be wall paint or finishing material for the atmosphere of the room light is bright enough when opening the window a bit limited.

    Spaces that require water such as kitchens, bathrooms, sinks, etc. should be grouped in an adjacent area for sanitation is more efficient because the pipes can be incorporated. Similarly, the upper and lower bathrooms, should be in the same vertical area (bathroom on the bathroom above the bottom) so that if there is any leakage, simply wet the affected area.

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