My Sunny Balcony

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  • If you too, like me love to hang out in balconies and want to make it that perfect place to relax and rejuvenate, here are 4 highly creative individuals from My Sunny Balcony, who will transform your balconies into a beautiful retreat:-)
    These individuals are Sriram Aravamudan, Shailesh Deshpande, Athreya Chidambi and Reena Chengappa. They are not only passionate about their work but also about the environment. This aspect is reflected in all the stages of their work.Whether it is getting eco-friendly garden options or to the organic manure that they use for their plants, everything is well thought out. Their knowledge about various species of plants and how well they grow in different environments is commendable.
    You can choose from various themes like Zen, Traditional, European, Mexican etc. They will transform even a small space to a work of art:-)
    They collaborate with various artists to enhance the theme of their gardens.
    Here is one such artist painting a Bodhi tree for one of their clients.The earthern pots are custom-made for each client based on their requirements and theme.An old world charm incorporated in one of their many balcony transformations:-)
    So if you are in Bangalore and have even a small balcony space, do contact them. They will come with their green thumbs & eco-friendly optimism and transform your space into one sunny balcony:-)

    (Photos from My Sunny, Anita Bora)

    Matilde House - luxury home

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  • Matilde House, modern house design, luxury home designMatilde House designed by Ailtireacht Architects, located in Rathgar, Dublin.

    Matilde House, modern house design, luxury home design
    Matilde House, modern house design, luxury home design
    Matilde House, modern house design, luxury home design
    Information from Ailtireacht Architects:
    The existing two-storey return was at a scale not befitting such a large with cramped internal dimensions making the spaces unusable. Traditionally, Victorian returns consist of a series of functional and subservient spaces to the mainhouse. The design exploits this premise, in the creation of a series of generously proportioned multifunctional spaces, accommodating the contemporary needs not afforded by a typical Victorian House, spaces envisaged for working, playing, bathing and sleeping. The functional materiality of the proposal is selected in response to the existing condition of unpainted render at the rear terrace and the subordinate functional spaces contained therein. View Matilde House detail modern house design.

    Block 90 Wins!

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  • Not to be missed! During an evening ceremony at NW Natural on August 26th, The Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland announced the 2009 NW Natural Street of Dreams award recipients.

    Realtor’s Choice Awards
    Best of Show: Bedford, 937 Condominiums
    Best Interior Design: East Village, Block 90
    Best Kitchen: The Manhattan, Block 90
    Best Home Furnishings: The Manhattan, Block 90

    Professional’s Choice Awards
    Best of Show: Maison, 937
    Best Interior Design: Maison, 937
    Best Master Suite: An Uncommon Life, The Encore
    Best Kitchen: Maison, 937
    Best Architecture: 937 Condominiums

    People’s Choice Awards
    Best of Show: Bedford, 937
    Best Interior Design:The Manhattan, Block 90/Skywatcher, Waterfront Pearl
    Best Kitchen: The Manhattan, Block 90
    Best Master Suite: Luster of the Pearl, The Encore

    We congratulate Jim Gillespie and architect Don Vallaster of Vallaster and Corl Architects who developed Block 90. Special thanks to Debbie Melville of DM Designs and Dawn O’Shaughnessy of Westside Designs who were the interior designers for both units, The Manhattan and East Village. We are so proud of the work they did. We at Landfair Furniture are happy to be involved with the two designers along with Paul Schatz Furniture in The Manhattan, and Asia America and Cargo for East Village.

    Imagine. Block 90 won five of the 12 awards!

    Bev & Mike
    Landfair Furniture + Design gallery
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    Michigan Blue Magazine Fall Issue

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  • If you get a chance please check-out the new fall issue of Michigan Blue magazine there is a great article written by Lisa Jensen the editor of the magazine about "River Living". One of our first green homes we designed back in 2003 was featured in this article. The home was called "Modern Cottage" and was built on the Thornapple River in Ada, Michigan. The home is a site specific home that was designed for a narrow lot that was really close to their neighbors on each side of them. Every room in the house has a view of the river from the moment you step through the front Door. The home was designed to direct your view to the River not the neighbors. This home was a experiment with green and unique building products and was ahead of its time.

    Green Feature
    • Metal Roofing.
    • Concrete counter-tops
    • Stained Concrete Floors
    • Hand made Concrete Tiled fireplace.
    • Recycled Barn Beams
    • Radiant Heat Floors
    • CertainTEED Cement Board Siding
    • Andersen 400 Series Windows
    • Use of the "Not So Big House" principles.

    Unique Feature

    • Precast Plank for a Garage below the Garage.
    • Alder w/matte charcoal finish kitchen cabinets.
    • Honed granite counter top with glass tile backsplash.
    • Brazilian cherry flooring.
    • Catwalk connects masters suite w/childrens rooms.
    • Open stairs.
    • Connecting loft "secret room" in clildrens rooms w/rock climbing holds to access loft.
    • Bunk room designed for weekend visits and sleepovers.
    • Bedrooms all have decks and patios.
    • Mylar sink.
    • Built in sand box.

    I would like to thank Lisa Jensen and Michigan Blue magazine for featuring one of our projects in one of its articles. Their magazine is one of my favorite magazine here in Michigan because of how it features unique homes and activites along our Lakes and Waterways.

    Balcony love...

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  • A place to relax, anytime of the day with a cup of hot chai. Do join me...maybe it's the lovely rainy weather outside:-)
    Enjoy your balconies!

    Modern Wallpapers from Osborne and Little

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  • Don't you just love "Mad Men"? Aside from the fabulous characters, clever dialogues and story lines, the set on the show is just awesome. They really got it down. Doesn't the wallpapers in the show make you just dizzy though?

    Things have changed since then obviously. Nowadays you most likely see wallpapers in the bathroom, powder room, hallway or just one wall. They are used as an accent or an exclamation point.

    We thought we show you some new patterns from Osborne and Little this spring. If you follow this post you'll see that this is our favorite wallpapers line. It's not for the faint-hearted though, as it's rather bold and daring. You'll have to have steady nerves to take on this line.

    Osborne and Little wallpapers runs about$120-200 per roll. You can get a quote for specific pattern here. Note: the rolls is 11 yards x 22 wide, which covers about 55 sq feet. It is the equivalent of 1 1/2 American roll.

    You can see the rest of the collection and the colorways here.

    Top Home Interior Decorating

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  • Top Home Interior Decorating

    Top Home Interior Decorating

    Rugs can be To add more color, suitable carpets can be spread. You can choose from marble, granite tiles, bricks, slates, concrete, or steel. There is a wide range of flooring options available. Doors can be tastefully designed and the material itself can be exotic.

    Some people prefer light colors, while others prefer heavy and striking upholstery. For windows, curtains, blinds, rods and panels should be attractive and appealing. You need to attend to all parts, namely, doors, windows, floors, furniture and accessories. Before actually starting the work, you need to be sure whether the emphasis is going to be on beauty, comfort, or the appearance of your home.

    A good interior decorator should be able to help you in selecting the correct interior decorating solution for your home. As far as home interior decorating is concerned, every nook and corner has to be studied so that the available space is utilized to the maximum. Decorating includes both the interior as well as exterior aspects. It also demands hard work and devotion, as it is not an easy task. Home decorating means a lot to the owner.

    After all, it is a place where we spend most of our lives. We build our homes with the utmost care and sincerity. A home is cozier and more comfortable than any other place. Whoever it may be, whatever position he or she may hold, finally everyone returns home to find peace and relax.

    “East or West, home is the best,” is a common saying. There is no better haven than our home.

    Fantastic Faux Leather from Silver State

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  • The other day we came across an artitle about the danger of cheap food in Time magazine. The article talks about how our food has become so industrialized to make it as cheap as possible, and how we've endangered our environment and our health as a result.

    We probably can easily dismiss it as one of the many things that is better not to know-- as it only makes us depressed, really. Besides, what can one possibly do? It's not like you can grow chicken in your backyard, right?

    But the article did make us pause and think about what we do eat, and how by doing little things we can change our habits, and hopefully, do our part to help the world in the process.

    If you are interested in the article, click here. A note of warning: it's really, really long. Like 3,251 words long to be exact! And it makes you want to stop eating for a few days...

    So may we suggest looking at faux leather vs real leather when you decorate? We were doing a restaurant project a few months back and we discovered a great faux leather line from Silver State. No one heard of them, but if you follow this blog you'll know that we are suckers for small, boutique vendors that are not well-known.

    We ended up using the faux leather for the restaurant banquets and they turn out marvelous. Not only that, they are way cheaper too. Whereas real leather is sold by the square foot, faux leather is sold by the yard like fabric, which means you get way more for your money.

    What we like best about the collection is the colors. You might not be able to see the real colors here, but trust us, in person they just POP! The quality is really good too. It's very soft and supple, not plastiky at all...

    The faux leather shown here sells for about $80-100/yard. You can find pricing information as well as the rest of the collection on our faux leather section. To see more of Silver State products, check out their web site. It's not a very well-designed web site though, so you have to click around a bit.

    Suggestion: these are awesome as wallpapers as well. You need to find a good and patient wallhanger, but they look amazing as wallcoverings, and they are very durable.

    ~ Rooster Party ~

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  • Welcome Ladies to my Rooster collection! Barb over at Bella Vista is hosting this wonderful party today, Thanks so much Barb for all your work in putting this together! Click on her link or the Rooster on my side bar to go see all the other gorgeous collections that everyone put together!

    The one above is by far a favorite from my collection, I got him on a little shopping trip in Cold Spring Harbor and have loved him ever since. Most of my Roosters live in the kitchen, right where I can see them every day :) This bowl below was something I saw at Home Goods and when I saw it , I hid it in my cart so no one would tackle me for him :)

    Roosters Roosters, everywhere .... on little lamps:

    In frames on the wall....

    Up close...

    On Tablecloths....

    I saw this fabric and just had to have it ....

    On signs , a cute one from Farmhouse country Style....

    And last but not least , my little guy....

    I Hope you enjoyed my Roosters, Thanks so much for stopping in! now head on over to Barbs party and see all the other fabulous presentations! That's where I'm going now :)

    Oh yes, and one last thing.... I hope you have a great weekend Ladies!

    ~ Cynthia

    Five Favorite Round Dining Tables

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  • We love round dining tables, mainly because they are cozy and pretty. People say round tables make for more intimate conversation, but we don't think that's the case. It's not like you can't have an intimate conversation with a square table or a rectangular table!

    At any rate, we think round tables are sexier and they fit better in a small room or a kitchen nook. Here are five of our favorites:

    This one is a perential classic. It is called a Versailled Pedestal table and it's from Nichols & Stone.
    This one is made of solid iron. It's from Noir.
    This one has a stone base with a top that can be custom-finished. It's from Hickory Chair.
    We love this one. It's from Oly Studio. We sell tons of these. It's fabulous in a black glossy finish. It's from Noir. If you need pricing information for any of the above, drop us a line.

    Check our post on some fabulous dining chairs that you can use with these tables.