Basilica-Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar

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  • Basilica-cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar

    La Almudena Cathedral – Madrid

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  • La Almudena Cathedral Madrid

    Convent of Saint Esteban

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  • La Seo Cathedral, Zaragoza

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  • La Seo Cathedral, Zaragoza
    one of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Zaragoza

    Monument to King Alfonso XII - Madrid

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  • Monument to King Alfonso XII - Madrid
    Monument to commemorate the King Alfonso XII

    St. Vincent's Basilica

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  • St. Vincent's Basilica
    founded in the 12th century with a Romanesque

    Cathedral of Cadiz

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  • Cathedral of Cadiz
    Cathedral was built by Alfonso X the century XVI

    Crystal Palace - Palacio de Cristal, Parque del Retiro, Madrid

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  • Crystal Palace - Palacio de Cristal, Parque del Retiro, Madrid
    Glass House which was built in 1887 at the request of the Ministry of Development by architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco.

    Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

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  • Plaza Mayor, Salamanca
    is the center of urban life in the city of Salamanca, Spain

    Hanging Houses Casas Colgadas, Cuenca

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  • Hanging Houses Casas Colgadas, Cuenca
    one of the houses hang, is a series of civilian buildings located in Cuenca (Spain). In the past this is a common architectural element in the east end of the old town, facing the river mouth Huécar.

    Church of San Manuel and San Benito, Madrid

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  • Church of San Manuel and San Benito, Madrid
    The church is located in Alcala, 83, next to El Retiro Park, and the Barrio Salamanca. Neo-Byzantine church was designed in 1902 by architect Fernando Arbos Tremanti. Church completed in 1910 and restored in 1975 by architect Jose Antonio Arenillas.
    This church is one of the modern church is most unusual in Madrid and one of the most beautiful.

    Plaza Zorrilla, Valladolid

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  • Plaza Zorrilla, Valladolid
    is a square in the city of Valladolid which is the starting point of one of the main street of town.
    has an area of ​​6411 square meters and 93.89 meters long

    Modern and Minimalist Bedroom For Small Apartment Decoration

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  • Modern Minimalist Bedroom Apartment Decoration
    Amazing and interesting bedroom decoration for small apartment. May be this interior design can give you ideas how to decorate small apartment with modern decoration. I like with this modern minimalist bedroom decorate, how about you ? are you also like this interior design bedroom ?

    Purple Bedroom Interior Design Decoration Ideas

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  • Purple Bedroom Interior Decoration Ideas
    Are you like with purple color ? If you like with purple color, this interior design very match for you. Purple bedroom interior ideas for you all. Very simple interior design , but looks so beautifull and luxury ideas. So please enjoy this decorate.Thanks. . .

    Purple Furniture and Purple Living Room Design Inspiration

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  • Purple Furniture and Purple Living Room Ideas
    Are you like purple color ? This interior design furniture may e very nice for you. Purple furniture sofa for living room and also living room with purple decorate. I hope this will give you ideas to build your own home living room.Please enjoy this interior design.Thanks. . .

    Modern Bedroom interior design - bedroom furniture set

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  • Bedroom interior design is very important that this feeling relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. A modern wood platform bed in the bedroom is a beautiful piece of contemporary furniture available to sleep to support more healthy and strong. The simple design, soft curves, storage great truth that the modern rooms. The bedroom can be made from wood in various finishes. It is very simple, but makes a very modern and really filled a room without adding too much.

    Modern romantic bedroom interior design and decoration ideas

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  •  Modern romantic bedroom interior design and decoration ideas consider one of the most important elements for the interior design of the master bedroom to create a personal space, including the things that the residents are very interested. Furniture, colors and accessories must be checked carefully to ensure that the space to offer maximum comfort. Turn the bed into an attractive place for romance with the bedding is soft and luxurious. A romantic bedroom should be a soft light. difficult to change light bulbs and replace them with a softer light.

    Luxury Bathroom Cabinet Furniture Designs Interior

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  • bathroom vanity cabinets  

    bathroom cabinet furniture 

    bathroom cabinet furniture

    Curtains for modern house

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  • Types of curtains can change the entire look of the interior design in our homes. The slightest touch of curtains together with changing colors for walls, certainly will make a big difference. When suddenly feel bored with the interior of your house or one room, think to just change the color and change the type of curtain.

    There are various Curtains, Drapes, Hardware for Your Window that you can use. Interior design theme can be adjusted with the overall design theme of the house, for example, when you have a classic design styled house, you can use classic style curtains. If you have a modern-style house, modern style curtain will be a choice. Some Curtains, Drapes, Hardware for Your Window can be adjusted to your interior design inspiration. Modern style theme for these curtains has a unique feature of very strong yet simple design lines or very soft design without domination. Both can be placed in a modern-style house interior design.

    Soft colored wall with soft transparent curtain    

    Wallpaper with lines pattern combined with modern designed curtain.
    As we know, small elements that often tend to be not considered, like curtains of a house may contribute a big aspect of interior design. Quite often, a house became visibly dull, too bright / dark, too out of date just because of accessories that are used do not support the overall interior style. Curtains, Drapes, Hardware for Your Window design will have a big impact on the style, that is why we have to mix and match all the elements in the nicest way.

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    Bathroom Design Children Fun with Theme Interesting Idea

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  • Unfortunately in children can be realized with the provision of special bathroom. What distinguishes the child bathroom with shower adult? The atmosphere is the most important differentiator. This atmosphere can be formed by use of the color of the room, themes and accessories. Colors in the bathroom are generally bright and cheerful child. more bright colors associated with the development of child psychology, as well as in the bedroom. The use of bright colors and interesting themes in the bathroom will make a child happy to do the cleaning themselves. This will indirectly help the task of parents to educate children to always clean and healthy living. Hopefully this diwah images provide additional inspiration for your child’s bathroom. Let’s see.

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    Kitchen Backsplashes

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  • Kitchen backsplash ideas are plentyful on the internet. Perhaps knowing what you do not want in a kitchen backsplash tile or kitchen backsplash is the first step. Once you begin to rule out the designs and styles you don't want, you can start to weed out your selection criteria. Pay attention to stone type, color, texture and patte

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    Kitchen Designs

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    Kitchen design trends are always changing. What was hot last year is not necessarily going to be the hot trend on all of the design shows you see on cable. However, when doing your kitchen remodel, select a style and type of kitchen cabinet, countertop and appliances that will last at least 5-10 years.

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    Cool And Bright Table And Chairs Design Furniture For Kids Playroom

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  • This is a simple and cool furniture ideas from Magis, a few table and chairs design for kids playroom. Designed with bright colors, adjusted to the color of the kids liked, white, yellow, green and brown. This kids table and chair will add to the cheerful atmosphere in the your kids room, and adds a beautiful touch into your home decor. The kids furniture made of polypropylene with fiberglass, so not only can be used for the interior, but also for outdoor.

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