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Natural Coloring Decoration Home Interior Design

By: mario On: 11:06
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    Take advantage of its magentas, Reds dark and shocking pinks and plant them in window boxes or outdoor planters. You'll stop traffic with curb appeal that will last for months.One of America's classic flowers, the Chrysanthemum, happens to be a fall bloomer. Then get ready to have some fun gardening: Replace summer annuals with fall bloomers such as royal purple, lavender and gold pansies to update the look of your garden.

    Fall Color Infusion - Decorating with Flowers Want to add a some natural autumn color palettes to your home's exterior this Fall? It's no surprise why, Orange is a warm, inviting, dynamic, invigorating and energetic color. Orange is Hot for 2008 and 2009 The color Orange continues its Stellar run as a fixture for home decor color in 2008; and the leader in Color forecasting, Pantone, projects that the Orange color trend will continue on to 2009.


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