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Beautiful House Interior Design in San Francisco

By: mario On: 04:22
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  • These Beautiful Family House Design by Feldman Archicture in San Francisco. The family House real story is this is a 1860's old cottage, Feldman Architecture’s charge was to repair, expand and modernize the small, dark house while maintaining the rustic charm of the original building. To accomplish this, the firm kept the facade and envelope of the existing structure and added a contemporary.

    These Family House addition features a narrow, ten-foot-wide wing that contains a garage, bedroom suite and studio office spaces on two levels. The roof and upper floor in the center of the house were cut away to create a central light core that washes a stone wall and illuminates the kitchen and living room. Large new windows create a connection with the backyard. Careful mixing of rough stone and wood with clean glass and metal breathes new life into the once-neglected structure. Beautiful House Interior Design photos have a look..


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