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Pure Minimalist Apartment Design Ideas

By: mario On: 12:03
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  • The minimalist decoration is one of the trendiest styles in the world of interior designs; it’s a very modern kind of decorating styles that stands between the contemporary and the futuristic styles. Minimalist designs are dedicated to the fans of simplicity and sleekness; if you are one of them, you will like to see this pure minimalist apartment design full of creativity, smoothness and modernity. This original design for an apartment located in Triumph palace building in Moscow is a live example for the sleek elegance and the sophisticated simplicity. Every small detail is chosen carefully to complete the harmony and the charm of the place; let’s take a look closely.

    The first thing you will notice in this apartment is that there are three colors dominating the whole interior; white, dark wood and yellow. The very pretty dining table is combined to the kitchen; here the white color is the dominating one, dark wood is only decorating a wall in the kitchen and we don’t see yellow but in few items on the table. A beautiful dark wood bar is separating the kitchen area from the living room which is consisting of a white leather sofa in an unusual form facing a yellow wall where the TV is built-in. The bedroom and even the bathroom are following the same features seen in the living area; the very sleek furniture shapes, the sharp lines & geometric details plus of course the domination of the same three colors. We can easily notice the sophistication of details in every room; those small details that are making most of the whole look.

    For example, the very original shape of the chandelier above the dining table, also the sleek glass vases under the wooden bar and the glossy silver one on top of the bar, see also the harmony of the very geometric forms in everything; almost all furniture and accessories are whether in round or rectangular shapes. Also the very minimalist look of this apartment design, you don’t feel that it is too cold or too boring, maybe this is coming through the usage of yellow touches which are refreshing to the atmosphere.


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