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Artistic and Efficient Small Home Interior Design

By: mario On: 00:09
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  • The development of today’s property is very fast. It is marked by numerous property development units, for example: apartment, super exclusive luxury condominium or construction of simple small houses.
    Along with the development of the property, the people’s needs of the residences are very high these days. If the budget is not adequate to buy a middle-end house, a simple small house would not be a problem.


    Almost all of the developers offer small houses, due to the high demand for housing or residence, then it just takes a short time to sell hundreds of housing units. The problem is, many developers take advantage of the momentum of building small houses with the perfunctory facilities and the environment.
    It’s time to change such a housing conditions. Houses must be beautiful, healthy, and environmentally friendly. That’s the key word to build whatever the house size is. Because to be beautiful is not necessarily expensive. Creativity and intelligence of an architect are the secret to realize an artistic and beautiful small house.
    The living room can also be optimized as a receiving room and dining room. The children’s study room and bedroom can be placed on the upper floor to the attic. The garden and the back patio can be used as an open dining room, living room, and the children learning space.


    The bathroom is a room that requires special attention and maintenance. From the sanitation utilities, major appliances, and material selection. The ceramic or terrazzo floor material has a small size to make the bathroom feel more spacious. To further maximize the space, use a dried shower area with glass-walled closed box or plastic curtains.
    Artistic small interior home design doesn’t require expensive materials. The walls composed of adobe or brick with the completion of exposure or a combination of stucco is absolutely able to beautify your small house.
    The home furnishings should be versatile, according to the priority needs of the family. It should also be proportional between the size of the furniture and the space. Tables, sofas, couches, to under the stairs can be optimized for storage, so you won’t need to create a warehouse.


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