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Elegant Futuristic House by Architect Pavie

By: mario On: 00:39
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  • Box house designing is a simple yet innovative concept in modern house design. Box houses are the houses of future. Modern and elegant box houses can be built using pre-fabricated standard modules with custom architectural design. These modules can be arranged in a number of ways. An architect can play with infinite number of ideas arranging them aesthetically. There is no limit how a house can be designed using these modules and decorated. The box house design is cost effective and it reduces construction time without compromising building quality. Here is an award winning box house located at Portland, Oregon, designed by PATH Architecture. The house is a twin row house, designed in such a way that privacy of both the units is maintained. Each unit has a large private deck on opposite sides of the lot. The box house design utilizes natural light and offers beautiful view of the park. Floor to ceiling windows are placed in such a way that the residents can enjoy the natural light and view of the garden without attracting direct view from the outsiders.


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